Rec Tec Vs Traeger

If you’re a big foodie (be honest, we all are), then you probably love grilling different foods on a BBQ. There’s something about seared lines on steaks and vegetables that make them so much more appealing.

But, with so many grills available out there, it can be a little overwhelming when trying to choose the right one for you.

Rec Tec Vs Traeger

However, two manufacturers that produce reliable grills with a good reputation are Rec-Tec and Traeger.

These companies have proved to be some of the best on the market over a number of years. But this poses a question: which one should you go for? 

Both companies use wood pellet grills which make grilling a lot easier. This is due to digital temperature control.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel or over-smoking your food. Just serenely control the temperature and your meats and vegetables will be cooked to perfection every time.

While similar, there are some key differences between the two. To help you decide which one is best for you, we have made a detailed comparison of the Rec-Tec and Traeger grills.

We will be looking at both brands and the technology and features that they offer. So, let’s not wait any longer. Rec-Tec vs Traeger grills: which is better?

Rec-Tec vs Traeger grills comparison 

Rec Tec

Rec-Tec is a relatively young company. Established in 2011, the company has focused on using smart and innovative technologies.

This state-of-the-art approach has helped Rec-Tec stand out from its competitors for many years. Using the best high-quality materials, Rec-Tec products are guaranteed to last longer than many other brands.

One standout feature of the Rec-Tec grills is their advanced temperature control system. This innovative and unique piece of technology offers temperatures from 200 to 500 degrees.

Compared to most grills, including Traeger, these are some of the highest temperatures available with grills. 

On top of this is another special example of technology. One feature of this grill is that it ensures that outside weather changes do not affect the cooking process in any way.

This gives you a better chance of getting the cooking results you always strive for. Rec-Tec also offers numerous accessories with its grills. This allows you to use the grill to its full potential. 

With a range of unique features and accessories, it’s no surprise that Rec-Tec has grown so popular over recent years. 


One of the first pellet grill manufacturers, Traeger has a solid reputation behind them. In fact, Traeger introduced the temperature control system to these types of grills.

Founded in 1990, Traeger has had more time than Rec-Tec to perfect their temperature control technology and gain a wealth of experience in the industry. 

You can choose from a wide range of Traeger pellet grills with a variety of prices to match. One reason why Traeger has become so popular with consumers is its diverse range of budget-friendly options.

Even the more affordable products have advanced features incorporated into their designs such as Wifi. Yes, Wifi isn’t only used for browsing funny cat videos. It can make grills more user-friendly for an easier and more enjoyable grilling experience. 

One area where Traeger excels is its customer service. They are renowned for providing the best support when needed. The company is always available to help solve any issues you may have.

With a wide range of grills available on Amazon, it’s never been simpler to buy one. The grills provide several grill lines but each model has something unique and special to offer.

The variety Treager has is what makes the company such a versatile and reliable brand. So, what about the comparisons between Rec-Tec and Traeger. Let’s find out how they fare when we compare the performance features of these brands. 

Build quality

There is no doubt that both Rec-Tec and Traeger build good quality grills. Most models have heavy-duty components, robust and sturdy welding, and secure fittings for long-lasting use. However, there is a difference in the materials that are used.

Rec Tec’s grills are made using stainless steel. Every part, except for the heating rod which is made from ceramic, of the grill is made from this solid metal. According to Rec Tec, the construction is so reliable that it should last for 300 years.

While this is a little difficult to prove, we hope our ancestors will one day use the same grill as us! Rec Tec lids are coated with a high-temperature powder. This not only withstands high heat but also looks pretty flashy and elegant.

One of the most impressive aspects of these grills is the top-quality 304 stainless steel used for their grates, firepots, heat deflectors, and drip pans. They are so well made, they may well last for 300 years!

In comparison, Traeger uses powder-coated steel for the grill’s construction. The handles are made with stainless steel and the grates from porcelain.

The ironwood grills located in the mid-tier of the grill contain double sidewall insulation for excellent heat retention while cooking. 

Traeger’s high-end series, such as the Timberline, have stainless steel grates while the interior is made with full double-wall stainless steel.

Deciding which is better between the two is simply a matter of personal preference. If we were to choose, the stainless steel of Rec Tec’s grills may have an edge because of its higher heat resistance.

Yes, powder-coated steel is also rust-resistant but if it begins to chip off, rust can start to form. Furthermore, Rec Tec’s use of 304 stainless steel for its interior offers better durability for long-lasting use.

You can get stainless steel grates with Traeger but you will have to fork out more on the high-end Timberline series. 

Grilling area

Try not to be too surprised but the grilling area is one of the most important features of a grill! This area is measured in square inches and its size will tell you how much food you can grill on it.

This way, it’s easier to gauge how much space is needed for a group of people.

So, the larger the grilling area, the more food you can cook on it. If you regularly have parties of people over for food or only use your grill for you and your partner, then you must consider which size suits you best.

Rec Tec’s largest cooking area provides 700 square inches on its grill. This is comparatively less than the Traeger 1300 which offers a grilling space of 1300 square inches.

That’s enough to grill 20 burgers! Therefore, if you’re looking for a gargantuan grill that can accommodate a feast fit for Kings, then the Traeger maybe your best option.

However, small sizes are available with both brands. The smallest Rec Tec grill has a cooking area of just 340 square inches while the smallest Traeger grill has an area of 300 square inches.

Although only a slight difference, these options are probably better for a family of two or for those looking to spend a little less. 

Temperature control 

As we have mentioned, both companies are one step ahead of the game when it comes to digital temperature systems. Rec Tec is probably the leader in this field, even when compared to Traeger. 

Rec-Tec can maintain high temperatures in the grill throughout the whole cooking process. This is helped by Rec-Tec’s use of smart grill technology.

Once you set a temperature for your grilling, it is guaranteed to stay the same unless you manually change it yourself. You can also increase the temperature with a five degrees increment feature.

Traeger is known for introducing digital temperature screens. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of your cooking progress.

Some Traeger models can quickly reheat the grill if the hood is opened. Temperatures in Traeger grills can sometimes fluctuate but this can easily be avoided with proper preparation. 

When it comes to a maximum temperature, Traeger can manage up to 400 degrees while Rec Tec comes out on top with 500 degrees.

So, Rec Tec is the stronger grill out of the two when it comes to temperature range and control but, again, it depends on how much heat you really need. 


Portability is another important factor to consider with grills. Lighter models can make it far easier to carry when needed. Thankfully, both Rec Tec and Traeger provide excellent portability when it comes to their products. 

If you’re a little worried about space, Rec-Tec offers grills with folding legs. Therefore, once you’re done cooking, you just have to fold them up and store away in a compact space. 

Most Traeger grills come with detachable grill carts which is very handy if you need to place it on a surface when a cart is not required. 

In Summary

Choosing between Rec-Tec and Traeger grills ultimately comes down to what you want and need from a grill. 

Traeger has many years of expertise in constructing pellet grills and this is why there are so many to choose from. Its products are pretty simple to assemble and they heat up relatively quickly.

Altogether, Traeger is certainly a well-reputed grill manufacturer. Then we have Rec-Tec which is a much younger company but has quickly built a solid reputation thanks to solid materials and innovative technology.

In many areas, Rec-Tec beats Traeger but there isn’t as much variety. Both will be reliable grills, whichever you opt for. 

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