How To Build A Gas Grill From Scratch

If you have the space in your garden and are wanting to expand your cooking space, building a gas grill from scratch can be a fun DIY project that is practical and cost effective.

Building it from scratch also means that it will look the way you want it to without compromising on anything like the materials or appearance.

Making your own gas grill sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is but building the actual enclosure may prove challenging for some. 

The first step is to think about what you want to get from your grill. Do you want to build a gas or charcoal grill? Do you want it to have an array of amenities like cabinets, running water or electricity among many others?

Whatever it is you want to include in your grill, you’ll need to decide before starting on the project. 

How To Build A Gas Grill From Scratch

Both gas and charcoal grills offer their own advantages and disadvantages.

The former can allow for more controlled heat as well as side burners and lids that allow you to cook anything whereas charcoal grills offer the same but it can be difficult to find pre-made grills and have them fitted in a custom enclosure. 

Charcoal grills do serve better tasting foods and look better overall. Also think about any electrical outlets that can be used for your grill. If you have one located near the space you plan to build your grill then this can be extremely useful.

You need to make sure that it can be used for outdoor use. Check whether there are any water facilities nearby that can be used when you are using the grill.

This will save you many trips from collecting water from indoors if you need to find a way to drain any water lines in the grill. 

For gas grills, you need a structure that is sturdy and made from inflammable materials with steel supports that the grill can be mounted on.

The grill head should be removable so it can be easily replaced if needed and there should be no flammable materials or wool near the grill head to avoid any injury. 

Make sure that you have a lot of space available for access underneath the grill as gas grills tend to have a lot of grease excess. Making sure you can maintain the ground underneath will ensure that nothing is damaged over time. 

For those who have their heart set on a charcoal grill, there is a lot more attention and preparation that goes into the structure and build of the grill.

Always make sure that you invest in quality cooking grates that can withstand the heat and give you the cooking space you want. Decide if you want to add a lid into the design for roasting meats or perhaps you would like a rotisserie.

Another important aspect for charcoal grills is the amount of airflow required. Plenty of air must be able to easily travel up through the burning coals and over the food grates so there is plenty of open space where oxygen can get into the fire.

 You also need to make sure that the area surrounding the grill is as empty as possible to prevent any incidents or damage. 

If you’re planning to hold late night cookouts then making sure you have adequate lighting is crucial. Not only does it make a nicer environment but it also means you can monitor the cooking correctly.

Storage space is also handy for those larger parties where you can keep your cooking equipment. Having a separate set of tools close by will be more convenient and save you many trips indoors trying to find the correct equipment.

As well as this, you want to make sure you purchase any locks so you can be assured that all of your cooking equipment is locked away securely so there is no chance that they will be burgled and less chances of accidents occurring. 

Always think about your budget beforehand so you can be assured that you aren’t breaking your bank account building your grill.

You’ll find that sourcing your own materials and doing it DIY is more cost effective than purchasing a high end quality grill straight from the market.

You need to purchase lumber, bricks, cement, wiring, sinks, countertops and cabinets among other things depending on your criteria.

You can always seek the advice and guidance from a builder who has experience in making gas grills and they can point you in the right direction regarding sourcing materials.

The structure of the grill is important as well because this will be dependent on the amount of space that you have for the build as well as what kind of design you want to get from your grill.

The most basic structure for gas grills is a block U structure which is when the grill is open on the top and the front. The mounting supports are located on the inside so the grill is held in place.

What is great about a block U structure is that it can suit a variety of spaces and designs and is one of the cheapest designs to build. 

After deciding what kind of structure you want, you need to look into the space available around the grill. Generally, the more space you have the better as it is likely to be more safe which in turn reduces the risk of damage or incidents.

However, if you are stuck for space, make sure you have plenty of area around the grill so you can work easily. Around a one foot of space either side should be ample enough. Lastly, you need to look into countertops.

Making sure that you find durable materials that you can easily cook a variety of foods on is essential and will make for better tasting food and a safer experience overall. 

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