Grilla Grills SilverBac Review

When you are searching for a new grill, you want to get one that will do your grilling skills justice, and one that will make you look super cool in front of all your friends.

No one wants a grill that takes forever to set up, forever to get going, and that makes you feel like using the oven would just have been easier. 

Grilla Grills’ SilverBac grill offers perfect temperature control, so you are in control of the cooking, not the grill. It is available in three different models at different prices, so… you have a lot to think about.

Grilla Grills SilverBac Review

However, today, we have all the info you will need to help you decide if this grill is the grill for you. 

Let’s take a look at the pellet grill today, it brings back a return to those gorgeous horizontal backyard cookers for the brand.

They are similar to your kitchen oven in how they feature controllers that will allow you to control the level of heat in your grill, and change the speed of the auger feeder as you please. 

There are three models of the SilverBac; you have the Pro, the Alpha, and the All-Terrain. The biggest differences in these are in their controllers.

They have a lot of similarities, however, they do have differences too. But let’s take a look at what you can expect to get from Grilla Grills SilverBac. 

Grilla Grills SilverBac


Weight170 lbs
Hopper Capacity20-lb
Total cooking surface areaMain cooking surface areaUpper cooking surface area.692 square/inch507 square/inch185 square/inch (removable) 
Temperature Range.180 °F – 500 °F (in 5° increments)
Power.120V 50/60Hz
Materials.Heavy-duty steel construction
Warranty.4 year limited warranty from purchase date.

What to expect

Some of the most loved features of this grill is that it really embodies the concept of ‘More for less’. An example of this is the ¼ inch thick stainless steel rods that are used for the cooking grate.

The grates are usually the first thing that will break on a regular grill, however, quarter inch stainless steel grates, like the ones of the SilverBac, are likely to last you a good decade. 

Aside from that, you are looking at stainless steel all over the grill. It has a 12 gauge stainless steel lid, a stainless steel fire pot, a stainless steel heat deflector, and a stainless steel drip tray. 

It also has a double walled body that provides you with an insulating air gap, this built-in insulation allows the grill to retain heat and use pellets more efficiently.

This means you can easily reach targeted temperatures in cold weather and save money on pellets. Although this sounds like it is only something small, it will end up paying off with the thousands of times you will end up using the grill over the years. 


Every grill has things that make it brilliant, unique, and good for a certain type of grill cook. When it comes to the Grilla Grills SilverBac though, there are a whole plethora of features that are to die for. Time to take a look at what the SilverBac is packing. 


The Grilla Grill SilverBac has a 20-pound hopper. It comes with a clean-out feature that is also known as a pellet dump.

If a grill is easy to refuel, then you are likely to use it more often, and more effectively, and that is exactly what they want you to do. This grill is designed to be easy for you, so you get your money’s worth of use out of it. 

Since the hopper is also a decent size, this means you won’t have to refill it as much either.

The lid can also be used as a side table, since it is made of stainless steel, this makes it a good place to put food on as you prepare it for the grill. Now, if that isn’t easy, what is? 

It also has a great capacity, huge, this means that you won’t need to fill it up with pellets, even for long and constant cooks. One batch is more than enough, and you will get plenty of use out of it. 

Cooking Area

Let’s think about the cooking grates for a moment. They are stainless steel first of all, which makes them easy to clean. It also offers a 488 square inch cooking space, or a full cooking space area of 692 square inches. 

The main cooking area is 507 square inches, and the upper cooking area is 185 square inches, you can remove the top grate easily as well. Providing you with plenty of space. 

The grill has heat deflectors and these are removable and are found in the cooking chamber, they help to disperse the heat evenly from the fire pot. 

It is all just so easy! 

Temperature Control

There is nothing we love more than digital electronic temperature controllers, is there? 

In the Alpha model you will find a dual-mode set up, where the grill has a PID controller, and a standard controller. However, the Pro only has one standard temperature controller. 

If you have the dual-mode, you just press a button to switch between them, even when you are in the middle of cooking. Seriously, how can anything be so easy? 

The Alphas PID controller corrects any values that might be off, which make it highly accurate. It will also switch off the grill when it reaches 110 °F, and it won’t allow it to go above 615 °F, which makes it highly safe.

The digital display will also show you the meat probe and temperature, so you can keep up to date with what is happening. 

What is even better, is there is a fan that controls the heat in the fire pot through strategically placed holes. The SilverBac Alpha definitely has some of the best temperature controls. 

The Auger System

The Auger system is a system which regulates the rate at which the pellets are fed. It has a fence-like guard that keeps your hands safely away from the auger to avoid accidents.

Once you turn the grill on, it slowly starts feeding pellets into the grill at a steady pace. They fall on the igniter road, and it slowly burns them.

Easy Use

Whether you get the pro or the alpha, they are really easy to use. With the digital control panel, it is super easy to set and adjust the settings.

It is all made to be easy to use, not complicated fiddling, just turning things on and pressing a few buttons, you will be grilling away in no time at all. 

The Highlights of SilverBac

Meat Probe

The digital display offers a place to insert a meat probe, you can monitor the internal temperature of meat as it cooks, getting rid of all those tedious guessing games. 

Drip Tray

The drip tray is super useful, it has a steep angle to it so that you can get rid of any excess juices quickly as you cook. 


Thanks to the super easy display, there is a power button you just can’t miss. All you have to do is turn it on and then use an up and down button to set the temperature. 

Grill Cover

The SilverBac also comes with a grill cover, it is weatherproof and will protect your grill from the elements. No damage, no worries, just hearty grilling. 


  • Super easy to use. 
  • Easy on and off button. 
  • Temperature control. 
  • Weatherproof grill cover. 
  • Cheaper than most other grills in this market. 
  • Easy ignition runs on pellets. 


  • The alpha does not produce as much smoke, this means that the smokey flavor in the food is also reduced. 
  • The controller on the SilverBac Pro is not as precise and accurate as the SilverBac Alpha. 
  • The SilverBac Alpha is more expensive than the SilverBac Pro. However, you do get better controls, so it is more of an even trade.


Generally you could not ask for an easier grilling experience than you get with the Grilla Grills SilverBac, especially if you were to get the Alpha edition. The only downfall is which edition you get.

The Alpha has more precise controls, but lacks the smoke that adds to the flavor, however, the controls do mean that you can be more precise with your cooking. 

The overall ease of these grills is outstanding though. You have control over the pellets, the heat, you can monitor the internal temperature of your meats, you can also turn on the grill with the simple press of a button.

Gone are the days of manually adding pellets and guesswork about the meat temperatures, this grill does it for you, talk about modern advances making our lives easier. This grill embodied easy use. 

Grilla Grills, there is nothing negative we can really say about you. 

So, if you are giddy to get on that grill, try out one of these bad boys, and see just how easy grilling can be. 

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