Coyote Grill Reviews

Having a grill for your outdoor area will certainly be a must for anyone who wants to prepare deliciously smoked or grilled meats and vegetables for a large group of people.

A decent grill will give you a wide range of opportunities, with side areas and places to put your grilling utensils.

Another thing you’ll definitely want to be considering for your grill is safety. Does your grill have plenty of built-in safety features?

Do they have an automatic switch off and a grilling hood to make sure that any roving child’s hand won’t get burned while you are waiting for the cooker to cool?

When it comes to a large griller for a family home, you’ll want versatility and capacity. That’s where the Coyote grillers really excel. They also have power-burning modes that will allow you to roast your food to an impeccable degree.

So what are the best features of a coyote grill? What makes a Coyote grill stand out head-and-shoulders above the rest? Are these types of grills more affordable or are they too expensive for the range of features on offer?

Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got the answer to all of these questions and then some, with our in-depth review of the Coyote grill.

We’ll give you the pros and cons of various styles of Coyote grill, so you can decide which is the right one for your needs.

What Is The Build Quality like?

This grill mainly consists of solid metal materials, which is not only great for transmitting heat but it will also cut down on the amount of cleaning that you’ll have to do once your barbecue is over.

The most expensive type of steel used in a Coyote grill contains 18% chromium, which makes it highly resistant to heat.

Having a very shiny and wipeable surface will be very important when it comes to having a grill that will be able to stand the test of time.

However, there have been certain users that have complained that their Coyote grill suffers from rusts after a few uses. However, these users have been located in seafront properties, where the salt tends to damage its integrity over a long period.

How Strong Is The Burner?

This burner can be set to a very high temperature, making it perfect if you are looking to cook a thick joint of beef or brisket.

If you are into some serious, heavy-duty grilling for large parties of people regularly, we would certainly recommend that you pick up this unit.

What About The Grates?

This grill is great for distributing the heat evenly across your meat and vegetable products.

Having a grill that operates at such a high temperature will be very important if you are thinking of having guests around and not burning your food on one side more than the other.

These grills also come with temperature probes, which is very important for testing the heat in the center of the meat.

Making sure the food is warmed all the way through is the only method of avoiding food poisoning. Bacteria can often breed in the center of chicken that is merely warm instead of piping hot.

What Fuel Should You Use With This Grill?

If you are using a Coyote grill, then we would recommend that you go for either liquified petroleum or natural gas. However, depending on which one you go for will all depend on which type of griller you’ll be buying.

If you want a high intensity of grill and smoker, then we would recommend that you go for liquified petroleum.

However, if you want to keep your gas output low and save yourself money on energy costs, then we would suggest that you opt for natural gas.

What Extras Does This Grill Come With?

Some of the Coyote grills will come with rotisserie grills, which are obviously great for cooking whole chickens all the way through. Again, this will all depend on how much meat you’ll be cooking.

A lot of these also have side panels that you can use for storing your tongs when they are not in use. Having space where you can stack your raw meat will also be important if you are batch cooking for your guests.

However, some users have reported there isn’t enough room to separate the meats.

One other downside is the fact that there really isn’t enough room to accommodate vegetarians, as inevitably the meat and vegetarian options will be so cramped that it will be hard to keep them from touching.

This is not a griller for reducing cross-contamination.

Different Coyote Brands

Now we’ll go into the various brands that you can get from the Coyote series. They come in two different varieties: the C series and the S series. There are some noticeable differences between the two, although they have a few features in common:

  • Interior hood lights – this will undoubtedly be a plus point when you are grilling in a dark environment. If you want to party late into the night, this is a great grill to have.
  • Cast stainless infrared burner – this will allow you the high intensity of heat from an infrared burning. This is very important for saving money on energy.
  • Stainless steel hood – this is good for warming your meats and keeping people away from the hot grilling area.
  • Premium 304 Stainless Steel construction – this is great for wiping down grease and other charred elements that can damage the functionality of your smoker.
  • Heat controls – this is important for a good heat distribution, which is also crucial for keeping the meat warmed right through to the center.
  • Continuous weld on the grill box – having polished edging will be very important for avoiding injuries when someone is passing the grill and might catch themselves.
  • Temperature Gauge and drip tray – these things will be very important for controlling the amount of heat and smoke that infuses and cooks your food.
  • Electric ignition – this makes for an extremely easy start-up, the ideal grill for anyone who might not be used to handling this type of machine.

Now that we’ve covered the similarities, we’ll look at some of the main differences between the C series grills and the S series grills.

The Coyote C-Series

These grills are probably the most popular of the two, with a more compact design that makes them ideal for a smaller garden. They come with soft-close doors and a pull-out shelf that you can use for resting all your tools and accessories.

These are made from stainless steel, which will definitely add to their longevity. They also have cooking grates made from steel which not only transfer the heat well but are very easy to clean once you have used them.

They also have ceramic briquettes which reduce fuel usage and make for even heat distribution.

This grill also has built-in halogen lamps, which makes nighttime grilling and smoking an absolute breeze.

It also comes with a stainless steel charcoal basket that you can use to collect all the ashes that can then be disposed of easily in the trash can once they’ve cooled.

The Coyote S-Series

The S series is a lot more of a luxury option than the C series, with all the features of an ultra-powerful grill. It comes with a very durable finish, with satin in the lining that will be able to resist corrosion from water and heat for much longer than the C series.

It also comes with a continuous weld on the grill box. This will make sure that the grill will not shift and the corner will have that professional edge that won’t catch or injure any small children that might be running around.

This comes in a stainless steel unit that will obviously add to the overall lifespan of your grill. You can easily cook meat, fish and vegetables at the same time and not have to worry about any cross-contamination.

This comes with ceramic briquettes too, so you can keep your energy costs low.

This model also comes with nickel hobs and interior hood lights that make for perfect low-light grilling. It comes with cast iron infinity burners that operate at an extremely high temperature, which is great for fast grilling or open-flame searing.

This comes with a rotisserie kit that will enable you to roast whole chickens. However, if you have vegetarians at your party, why not have half chickens and half corn on the cob?

The S series also has backlit knobs, which will allow you to see the dials when you are roasting your meats.

Our Final Say

We hope that our list of Coyote grills has helped you to decide if they are worth your time, as well as which models might be the most suited to your grilling needs.

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