Coyote Grill Reviews

Having a grill for your outdoor area will certainly be a must for anyone who wants to prepare deliciously smoked or grilled meats and vegetables for a large group of people. A decent grill will give you a wide range of opportunities, with side areas and places to put your grilling utensils. Another thing you’ll … Read more

Camp Chef vs Traeger

Pellet grills are versatile outdoor cooking ovens that can effectively maintain a low and steady temperature over prolonged periods without requiring any hefty adjustments. When it comes to choosing the best pellet grill for your needs, there are many brands to choose from, two of the most popular being Camp Chef and Traeger.  Traeger is … Read more

Best Pellet Tube Smoker

Are you fed up of cooking food on your BBQ only to take your first bite and discover that it lacks flavor? Or maybe you are looking for ways of transforming your grill or smoker to upgrade its performance. Whatever the reason, you will be pleased to know that there are many products available that … Read more

Best Infrared Grill

Have you ever tried to cook marinated meats on a charcoal grill? Don’t bother! You don’t taste the marinade at all, all you can taste is charcoal. Worse yet, charcoal grills often produce flare-ups which can be super dangerous to contend with. And have you ever had to slave over a regular grill for ages … Read more

Best Pellet Grill Under $500

There’s a little bit of Steve Albini in all of us. We all share the same wild rock and roll spirit and know that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well, and if you want something grilled properly, then the only way to grill it is if you do it yourself. After all, … Read more

Best Gas Grill Under $300

There’s nothing better than alfresco dining and freshly grilled food. However, lower-quality grills are prone to hotspots and can be the difference in your barbeque being a hit or a miss. Hot spots on a grill can lead to uneven cooks and food poisoning if you’re not careful, as you need even heat distribution to … Read more

Best Gas Grill Under $200

Have you ever tried grilling your meats with a cheap old charcoal grill? Don’t bother – take it from me, it’s a disaster! It’s just so messy, the cleanup afterward is a b*tch. And even worse, the food ends up tasting of charcoal instead of tasting like succulent tender meat! The solution of course is … Read more

Z Grills Review

Grilling takes the formality out of entertainment. Everyone wants to get involved – Bobby Flay  We weren’t, as the popular meme that keeps popping up on our social media feeds so stringently reminds us, born to just pay bills and die. Life and all of the wonderful memories and moments that fill the gaps between … Read more

Best Wood for Smoking Salmon

The delicate flavor of a filet of salmon seems at first glance to be a tricky one to smoke. And it can be – too much smoke risks overpowering the flavor and ruining the meal. Smoked food can be heavy and rich. Not ideal for the lighter flavors of salmon. Still, any salmon fan will … Read more

Best Wood For Smoking Chicken

When it comes to the battle of the meats, there’s no doubt that chicken is one of your best options for smoking. Depending on the type of wood you use, you can create a whole variety of flavor notes and depths thanks to its naturally subtle taste.  It’s not an easy thing to get right, … Read more