How To Build A Gas Grill From Scratch

If you have the space in your garden and are wanting to expand your cooking space, building a gas grill from scratch can be a fun DIY project that is practical and cost effective. Building it from scratch also means that it will look the way you want it to without compromising on anything like … Read more

How To Use A Char Broil Electric Smoker

An electric smoker is a hassle-free and efficient way to achieve perfectly succulent and smoked foods without the mess and stress of using an outdoor grill with charcoal.  These devices are so much easier to clean than their charcoal counterparts and thanks to their self-regulating temperatures, you can leave your food to eat and bask … Read more

How To Smoke Tofu

As the number of vegans in the world reaches an all-time high, tofu has never been so sought after. It remains a relatively divisive foodstuff, with many people put off by the soft texture and mild flavor. There are hundreds of different ways that you can cook tofu, but we are just going to discuss … Read more

How To Season A New Smoker

No matter the design of your smoker, it will need to be seasoned when you first get it home. This process is also sometimes referred to as curing your smoker and is necessary to do before you use it for the first time.  You will likely need to season your smoker more than once during … Read more

How To Seal A Smoker

We all know how rewarding it is to feast on delicious, smoked food that you created in your very own smoker. But, if you’ve noticed that your smoker is leaking a little too much while cooking, there’s a chance that you might need to seal it.  If you don’t seal your smoker properly, most of … Read more

How To Dispose Of Charcoal

Charcoal is essential to creating smoky flavors whilst grilling your food and creating that perfectly seared look on your meat. However, the aftermath of cleaning up and disposing of charcoal can be an absolute nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing.  We’ll be showing you the best ways that you can dispose of your … Read more

How To Clean A Traeger Grill

If you’re a keen griller, you will be well aware of how messy and mucky our grills can get. All that meat, sauce, grease, and oil can really mess up a grill, and so it is important to clean the grill regularly to keep it in tip-top working condition.  Now, cleaning a grill might not … Read more

How To Clean A Smoker

When it comes to cooking, it’s best not to take any risks when it comes to safety. Cleaning your smoker is important not only for keeping your smoker in the best condition, but it’s also vital for your safety when you are cooking. Of course, we don’t all automatically know how to clean a smoker. … Read more

How To Build A Reverse Flow Smoker

A reverse flow smoker is a type of barbecue smoker that allows the air to delve deeper into the chambers to achieve a more consistent temperature throughout the entire smoker. This prevents cold spots and therefore your food cooking at different times.  Reverse flow smokers are becoming more popular thanks to their intriguing benefits – … Read more