Best Grill Gloves

Did you know that some grills allow you to crank up the heat to 600℉? Although this may be perfect for those summer BBQ sessions— with great grilling comes great responsibility.

They get hot enough to cause some serious harm, so it’s essential to protect yourself with a pair of heat-resistant grill gloves!

Grill gloves are specially designed to stop you from burning yourself and can protect you from splattering grease, flying embers, and hot steam. They’re an essential part of grill safety and every barbecuing fanatic should own a pair. 

You probably have enough on your plate, so we’ve done all of the hard work for you! Below is a list of the very best grill gloves on the market right now, and what we love about them. You’ll also find our handy Buyer’s Guide and FAQ section to help you choose the perfect grill gloves for you.

Best Grill Gloves

Geekhom BBQ Grilling Gloves

The best grilling gloves overall have to be this pair from Geekhom. They’re perfect for home bakers and grilling enthusiasts alike, so you’ll always have a use for them. They provide excellent heat resistance (up to 446℉) thanks to the smart two-layer design.

The top layer of silicone makes these grilling gloves strong and long-lasting, and of course, offering you complete protection from burns and scalding. The second layer is made from a soft and breathable fabric that provides additional heat protection as well as still feeling comfortable to wear.

The inside of the gloves is lined with a super breathable lining that is moisture-wicking- which is perfect for those summer barbecues. The glove sleeves are quite long, providing added protection. It helps to keep your arm and wrists safe as well as your hands and fingers. There’s even a handy little loop at the sleeve of each glove to make it easier to hang them up when not in use. 

The outside of each glove is coated in non-slip 100% FDA grade and BPA-free silicone. This means that you’ll easily be able to grip some barbecue tongs and carry plates of barbecue food without them slipping out of your hands. They can even come in handy when having to carry hot water or baking trays straight out of the oven.

They also come in a range of fun colors including; black, blue, green, orange, and red. Furthermore, they won’t break the bank. This pair of Geekhom BBQ grilling gloves are perfect for grillers on a budget. 


  • Excellent heat resistance, up to 446℉
  • Two-layer design means added protection
  • Comfortable, moisture-wicking inner layer
  • Non-slip silicone outer layer
  • Affordable
  • Lots of different color options
  • Machine-washable, reusable and durable


  • The inner fabric layer is easily stained

KP Silicone Smoker Grilling Gloves

Next up are these silicone smoker grilling gloves from the brand Kitchen Protection. The manufacturer states that these are the ultimate gloves for bbq lovers, and customers seem to agree.

These gloves have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why. They’re made from a combination of silicone and durable, thick cotton and it comes in one size that supposedly fits all, making them easy to take on and off. So, you won’t have to worry about them being too tight or too big and they’re suitable for both men and women.

The inner layer is made from natural cotton, which is known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties. No matter how hot your environment gets, you can rest assured that your palms won’t get sweaty in these gloves. The package also comes with 2 free sticky hooks so you can easily store these grill gloves as well as 2 free e-books which are packed full of tasty bbq recipes. 

The outer layer of the gloves is made from non-toxic and sustainable silicone. It also has a textured surface for improved grip, making moving hot pans a breeze. Furthermore, KP offers a lifetime warranty on these gloves, so you’ll never have to worry about burning yourself on the grill ever again.

These gloves come in a choice of 7 colors including; pink, orange, black, green, blue, red, and orange. We also love that they’re easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and can be machine washed if the fabric gets grubby.


  • Two layers of heat protection
  • Textured surface for added grip
  • Comfortable, moisture-wicking inner lining
  • Free accessories included – 2 e-books and sticky hooks
  • Easy to clean


  • One size fits all, so those with large hands may find them too tight

Rapicca Heat Resistant Extra Long Gloves

Rapicca’s multi-layer structure is made from a double layer of Kevlar leather padding, composite, and flame-retardant cotton to protect against temperatures as high as 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rapicca is one of the highest-ranked pairs of heat-proof gloves on the market, and the sturdy design is even recommended for use by welders and tradespeople who work with extremely hot appliances and furnaces. So, you’ll be more than OK using these for your BBQ grill. 

The interior cotton lining is soft and absorbs your sweat in seconds. These are heavy-duty gloves that are still soft and comfortable to wear. The outer layer of the gloves is made from carefully selected thick and soft shoulder split natural cowhide leather which is heat resistant, oil resistant, puncture resistant, fire-resistant, and cut resistant. The reinforced wing thumb design also provides added comfort and can help to improve grip.

These gloves are highly effective even in extreme environments. It means you can pick up hot coals, logs, or tools without worrying about putting your skin in danger. They can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth and they should be hung up to dry naturally, thanks to the handy loop at the bottom of each sleeve. However, these gloves are not machine washable. 


  • Made with super-strong Kevlar and leather padding
  • The soft and comfortable cotton inner layer
  • Ultra-long design provides wrist and arm protection
  • Reinforced wing thumb design for better grip
  • Also suitable for welding


  • These gloves are not machine washable.

Homemaxs BBQ Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

These oven gloves from Homemaxs are durable and designed with the highest quality materials to prevent your hands from unwanted burns and uncomfortable heat.

In fact, this pair can handle temperatures of up to 1472℉, which is plenty more protection than you’ll ever need for BBQ grilling! With three layers, these heat-resistant gloves are sturdy and thick but also light and flexible enough to grab tools firmly.

The inner layer of these grill gloves is made from a soft and breathable polyester cotton blend which is great at absorbing moisture and is sensitive to the skin. They also come with an extended wrist guard, which helps to keep your entire wrist safe from burns and hot splatter as you grill. The gloves are dishwasher safe and they come in two sizes to fit most hands.

The outside layer is silicone, which is used to give the gloves a non-slip, secure grip.  Deyan aramid fiber is used in the middle layer. This material is resistant to heat. We like that these gloves can also protect you from minor cuts. It also comes pre-fitted with a handy loop so storing it is super-easy.

When they inevitably get a little grubby, you can toss them straight in the machine without risk of damaging them. 


  • Very high heat protection- up to 1472℉
  • Hanging loop for easy storage
  • Super-long for added wrist protection
  • Sturdy silicone outer layer with good grip
  • Machine washable, saving you time


  • There are limited size and color options available

Rapicca BBQ Waterproof Oven Grill Gloves

These waterproof BBQ gloves from Rapicca have an exceptional heat resistance rating of 932 degrees. They have a non-slip construction that makes it possible to handle greasy meat and wet food.

A soft cotton inner is included in the double-layer design to improve comfort and insulation. The gloves fit loosely on the hands, so dexterity is not compromised, but tight enough to feel comfortable.

Additionally, this pair of gloves is BPA-free and FDA-compliant. The neoprene material protects the wearer from high heat, water, oil, and other elements, allowing you to cook over an open flame, retrieve food directly from the smoker, or even take food from boiling water with total confidence. The gloves are equally easy to clean; simply wash them in warm soapy water and leave them to air dry.

You won’t have to worry about wearing long-sleeve shirts as you grill because the seventeen-inch length will keep your arms, wrists, and hands safe from hot splashes and high temperatures. The longer length, together with the increased heat-resistance rating, make these gloves a must-have for all grillers.


  • Provide higher than average temperature protection
  • 100% waterproof and can be used outdoors
  • Longer length which provides added arm and wrist protection
  • BPA-free and FDA compliant


  • Some users reported a lack of grip when wet

Buyer’s Guide

Heat Resistance

The whole reason we use grill gloves is to protect our hands from high temperatures, so it’s important to check that the gloves you use can tolerate the heat of your grill.

Thankfully, every pair of grill gloves listed above can handle far higher temperatures than those of the average BBQ grill or oven. The last thing you’d want is for them to begin melting as you use them! 

While grill gloves have impressive heat resistance, this does not mean that they can withstand these higher temperatures for an extended period of time. On average, grill gloves can tolerate temperatures ranging from ten seconds to sixty minutes. This gives you plenty of time to pick up the food, relocate it, swap it from one grate to another, or even grab food from a boiling pot, such as lobster.

Aramid gloves are typically considered the most heat resistant and comfortable to wear, but these can be pretty pricey depending on where you shop. Some premium gloves can withstand temperatures over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is extremely hot. These are usually suitable for welding and furnace use.

Not all grill gloves are designed to come into contact with hot metal, charcoal, or wood. Some should not be exposed to open flame.

Material Quality

The material of your grill gloves will heavily influence how well they perform while in use. Silicone, leather, rubber, and aramid are among some of the most popular materials available. However, because aramid is not intended to be used directly on food, gloves made with this fiber are typically outlined with another food-safe material.

Silicone is not as heat resistant as the other materials, and it is not as form-fitting. So, use silicone grill gloves with caution because they have a tendency to melt at very high temperatures, which can be pretty dangerous.

Keep in mind that leather can be notoriously difficult to clean, so if you choose leather, make sure to keep up with maintenance. Neoprene rubber provides a tight grip and a lot of dexterity, plus it’s food-safe, which allows you to firmly grasp food, and then safely wash it.

Sleeve Length

You’ll also need to consider the length of the sleeves of your grill gloves. Some come with extra-long arm sleeve length to protect more of your body from getting burned.

Unfortunately, BBQ gloves tend to come in one-size-fits-all. If you’ve got particularly small hands, you might want to opt for a pair that comes in multiple sizes.

Longer gloves will make it easier to reach into a smoker and remove some of the best meats like a large brisket or a rack of ribs. The gloves will provide you with the necessary protection to easily handle hot food straight from the grill without the use of bulky cooking utensils.


When wearing gloves, you should be able to use your hands normally and do such things as flipping burgers, squeezing tongs, pouring a bottle of sauce, or slicing with a knife. As a result, the glove’s flexibility dexterity grade should be prioritized. 

If dexterity is a particularly important factor, you’ll need to rule out any silicone grill gloves. These allow for little movement and flexibility. Some grill gloves even come with a special wing thumb design to improve dexterity, but these tend to be a more expensive option.


A new pair of grill gloves shouldn’t cost you a fortune, but you should make sure that they are of good enough quality to protect you from the basic elements of grilling.

If you choose gloves that are very cheap and come from an unreliable brand, you may end up jeopardizing your own safety.


When purchasing gloves, you should always consider the overall design. Some come with unique features such as hanging loops for convenience. 

It’s quite irritating to have no place to hang your gloves. It’s much easier to remove hanging loops and hang them on the side of the grill until you need them again. 

We also like how the hanging hoops double as grips to assist you to pull the gloves on and off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should grill gloves be waterproof?

If your gloves absorb moisture, they won’t provide the same level of heat resistance. This is because wet surfaces conduct heat much better than dry surfaces. 

Some fabrics will no longer protect you if it rains or your gloves collect oil or grease. You could get burned if your absorbent gloves get wet or oily from handling meat because heat transfers faster via moisture than through dry material. 

The same consideration should be made if you’re working with hot oil. However, hot oil can also melt certain molded materials. So, be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations if you’ll be working with hot fats and oils.

How should grill gloves fit?

You may have already noticed that grilling gloves tend to be pretty large and have a loose fit. This isn’t a sizing dilemma- it’s actually deliberate. Grilling gloves are often intended to be large enough that they can be thrown off in an emergency. For safety, you must give up some dexterity.

People with large hands may also have difficulty finding the ideal fit. Some are big to accommodate larger hands. A tight glove, on the other hand, can be difficult to remove swiftly in the case of an emergency. 

How should grill gloves be cleaned?

Some varieties of fabric gloves can be washed in the washing machine. It is critical to keep gloves that come into touch with food clean. Some grill gloves aren’t suitable for machine use so have to be wiped clean by hand. While this is easy, it can get annoying, especially if the inner lining starts to get grubby. 

Light-colored gloves are more likely to stain. If they are white, even machine-washable ones may retain some visible stains. If this worries you, black, brown, or grey tones will help conceal stains.

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