3 Embers Grill Review

Whether you’re a beginner in the world of grilling or are a seasoned vet, you should know just how important a high-quality grill really is.

The quality of your grill cannot be overlooked and you’ll notice the difference instantly between a poor grill and a premium grilling machine. 

3 Embers Grill Review

Today we’ll be looking at the 3 Embers grill and whether or not it should be worth your time. The manufacturers promise a premium grilling experience, but how does this compare to real customer reviews? 

Our main focus of this article is the 3 Embers GAS7480BS 4 Burner Gas Grill. It is considered one of the most preferred 3 Embers grills and is the ideal size for most people’s needs. 

We have tried the 3 Embers grill for ourselves and looked to customer reviews to come to our conclusion. If you’re looking to purchase a new grill and have the 3 Embers model on your mind, our review should be able to help you come to your decision.

So, let’s get grilling shall we? 

3 Embers Key Features 

Whenever you’re looking for a new grill, there are four main features that need to be considered. Let’s take a look at these and how the 3 Embers grill holds up. 

Cooking System

The 3 Embers cooking system is one of a kind that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else on the market. The manufacturers have tailored their grill cooking system to ensure maximum performance every time, 

The heat radiates up from below the food to cook the below. Rather than all of the heat being lost into the air then, the 3 Embers grill uses stainless steel heat tents to encapsulate the heat and cook the food from above as well. 

Not only will this give your food a more consistent cooking process overall, but it can also save on cooking time.

You also won’t have to stand close to the grill all night constantly tending to all of your food, so you can enjoy the party and mingle with your guests longer. 

We especially like the heat tent design as it’s not one we commonly see across the market, and it ensures an even distribution across the grill throughout its entire usage. 

Cooking Area

There’s nothing worse than looking at a gorgeous grill with amazing specifications and a decent price point, only to find that the cooking area is way too small for your needs. 

We don’t think this will be a problem with the 3 Embers 4 Burner grill; however, as it comes with a respectable primary cooking area of 540 square inches. 

The secondary cooking area is 160 square inches, making the total cooking space an impressive 700 square inches. This amount of space will be best suited for larger families and groups who need lots of food cooked at once. 

It’s important to remember that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to cooking space. Some people want to opt for the largest they can find, but you’ll be wasting money if you only have two or three mouths to feed!

Instead, 3 Embers offers a few smaller grills that are more suited for your needs. These, along with their cooking area sizes, are as follows: 

  • Even Embers GAS1466AS: 450 square inches
  • Even Embers GAS7540BS: 502 square inches 

On the other hand, if you think that 540 square inches isn’t enough cooking space for you there are also grills with more impressive cooking spaces, such as: 

  • 3 Embers GAS9675AF: 970 square inches 

The 3 Embers GAS7480BS is the ideal medium-sized grill for most people’s needs. We found it suitable for a four-person family as well as a larger party with a few guests. 

You can certainly host a larger party with the 3 Embers 4 Burner Gas Grill, although you’ll need to cook the food in multiple sessions due to the size restrictions. 

Control Panel

A common issue with grills is their control panels and the surprising lack of precision.

You might not know unless you were to use an external thermometer on your grill as well as the control panel, but a lot of control knobs don’t reflect the true temperature of a grill. 

However, we found that this is not the case with the 3 Embers grills. In fact, their controls are one of the most precise on the market, allowing you to control the temperature right down to the degree. 

This comes with a load of benefits including accurate cooking times and perfecting your own secret recipes. 

The controls also include LED lighting that illuminates the surrounding area so that you can accurately control the grill well into the night. 

Side Burner 

We think that side burners are one of the most overlooked aspects of a grill. Unless you’re just planning on eating meat all night, you’re going to want a side dish to refresh the palette. 

That’s where the side burner comes in. The 3 Embers GAS7480BS has a 12,000 BTU side burner which is powerful enough to cook a number of side dishes while your main is cooking nicely. 

Thanks to the side burner, you’ll be able to enjoy your main and side dishes altogether without one or the other getting cold. The side burner can also be used to keep food warm if one meat has a longer cooking time than the other.

What we loved about the 3 Embers grills

Why do we love this grill so much, and why do we think that you will enjoy it just as much as we do? Here are just a few reasons why. 

Heating ability

3 Embers grills are known for getting to the desired temperature incredibly fast. The powerful grills allow the heating plates to warm up within moments, even on cooler days.

This allows you to get cooking quicker without having to stand around next to a cold grill for hours.  

Build quality

If you’re spending all this money on a grill, you’re going to want it to be built to last. Lucky for you, 3 Embers grills all come with the great build quality that you expect from a high-quality grill.

They’re sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. Your grill will be able to last you for years without the performance dwindling as many other grills do. 

All of the materials are premium-quality, such as the stainless steel body and the ceramic-titanium coating. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the 3 Embers grill construction.

The cooking window

It’s always helpful to get a visualization in your head of how something is going to work before you purchase it – especially when you’re buying online.

The 3 Embers 4 Burner grill has a cooking process designated to you, making your life as easy as possible. 

The transparent cooking window allows you to monitor your food cooking from all angles. Why is this important? It keeps the heat encapsulating your food while you monitor it.

Removing the lid every few minutes is going to allow all of the heat to escape and waste more time waiting for this heat to build up again within the cooking space. 

By the time the heat has been restored, you’ll be opening the lid again and you’ll be back to square one.

The cooking window ensures that your grill is working as efficiently as possible thanks to the heat being able to remain where it is most needed at all times. 


A warranty is always recommended when you’re purchasing something as grand as a grill to protect your purchase. The longer the warranty period, the more trust a manufacturer is likely to have in their product. 

The fact that 3 Embers offers a lifetime warranty with their grills indicates that they have complete trust in their grills and your investment is protected should something happen with your grill. 

What we didn’t like so much about 3 Embers grills

Nothing’s perfect, so we’ve also considered some of the not-so-great aspects of the 3 Embers grills. 


3 Embers grills often come with higher price points which might put some people off their purchase. 3 Embers charge more than the average cost of a grill on the market, so it really can be considered an investment. 

However, there are more expensive grills out there and 3 Embers are certainly not the most expensive. Plus, you get what you pay for with grills. If you want something long-lasting and reliable, you’re going to have to pay slightly more. 

Lighting issues

A few customers found that lighting the grill can be tricky in certain situations. The ignition system is not the best on the market, but you’ll likely only have an issue very occasionally. 


Overall, we think that the 3 Embers grills are worth the extra money. They’re great for medium-sized gatherings and large families, with plenty of cooking space and even side burners. The cooking system is something to be marveled at. 

3 Embers offer a number of excellent grills on the market, although our favorite is the 3 Embers GAS7480BS 4 Burner Gas Grill.

It’s the ideal size with an impressive number of added features. If you’re looking for a premium-quality grill, look no further than the 3 Embers collection. 

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